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Juice Press Pneumatik 50

This pneumatic juice press guarantees maximal yield without any physical effort. The bellow uses compressed air and produced the force of 3 ton.

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Apple imageForce of 3 tons
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How does it work?

Crushed fruit mass is placed inside the basket, in filter cloths, in five layers. Between each layer a set of grills(3pcs) is needed to be placed to ensure that every last drop will be pressed out. The result is dry brick of fruit. Also, dividing the volume into 5 layers saves you the hassle of lifting the heavy basket. You can just take the bricks out one by one.

For starting the pressing process, select the preferred pressure from the regulator and open the pressure valve. For optimal flowing, it is recommended to start with a lower pressure and increase the pressure along the way. Every 2.5bar of pressure increases the pressing force by 1 ton.

When no more juice is coming flowing, close the pressure valve and open the vacuum valve. The bellow restores its initial position in folded position. Now it’s time to remove tap and rise the frame beam. Cycle completed.

Convenience provided by pressurized air

This pneumatic bellow produced the force of 3 ton without any physical input by operator - you can just sit back and watch the juice flowing.

Top-drop frame

The frame can be easily opened from the top to create better access to the basket. To open the frame beam, just remove the tap and the beam moves out of the way with the help of gas spring.

Compact design

The frame of Pneumatik 50 is using bolted joints -  this allows to disassemble the press for more convenient off season storage. Total disassembly is done by removing 8 bolts and 2 taps.



  • The stroke of the bellow 350mm
  • Maximum pressure force 3 ton(@7.5bar)
  • Maximum working pressure 7.5bar
  • Top-drop frame with gas-spring
  • Stainless steel 50l basket
  • The set includes 5 filter clothes and 12 grills(4 sets)
  • All metal details that will have contact with juice are made from stainless steel
  • Weight 35kg

Compressor is not included in the set

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